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Seminarium z prezentacjami gości z University of Craiova

data dodania: 2018-11-29 23:07:58

W piątek,  7 grudnia 2018 r., o godz. 13:15 w sali nr 200 (II piętro) odbędzie się seminarium, na którym wygłoszone zostaną następujące referaty:

Professor Costin Bădică

University of Craiova

Faculty of Automation, Computers and Electronics

Department of Computers and Information Technology

Agent-Oriented Programming. From Theory to Practice


Professor Amelia Bădică

University of Craiova

Faculty of Economics and Business Administration,

Department of Statistics and Informatics

Collective Profitability in Semi-Competitive Intermediation Networks 


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Costin Badica. Agent-Oriented Programming. From Theory to Practice

This talk will be focused on the practical aspects of agent-based logic  and BDI programming to develop AI applications. The talk will briefly  introduce agent programming, in particular based on the BDI and logic  paradigms. Then it will focus on case studies selected from: modelling  of business agents, programming reinforcement learning, patrolling games  simulation, and CLP-based modeling of Pickup and Delivery Problem.

Amelia Badica. Collective Profitability in Semi-Competitive Intermediation Networks

We analyze intermediation business processes that enable companies to  use multiple distribution channels to better reach the market of  potential customers that are interested in purchasing their products and/or services.These distribution  channels are represented by sequences of intermediation transactions  supported by usually self-interested middle-agents that help connecting the providers with the end costumers. We propose a new model of network-structured intermediation business processes represented as DAGs. This model enabled us to obtain sound theoretical results of  collectively profitable intermediation transactions in semi-competitive setting.


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