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The papers presented in this Volume II constitute a collection of contributions, both of a foundational and applied type, by both well-known experts and young researchers in various fields of broadly perceived intelligent systems. It may be viewed as a result of fruitful discussions held during the Seventh International Workshop on Intuitionist Fuzzy Sets and Generalized Nets (IWIFSGN 2008) organized in Warsaw on October 17, 2008 by the Systems Research Institute, Polish Academy of Sciences, in Warsaw, Poland, Institute of Biophysics and Biomedical Engineering, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences in Sofia, Bulgaria, and WIT Warsaw School of Information Technology in Warsaw, Poland, and co organized.

Contents volume II:

1. L. Atanassova, E. Sotirova “Generalized net model of production of triple superphosphate fertilizer”

2. V. Atanassova “Generalized nets for dummies”

3. V. Atanassova “Ifigenia-doing IFS and GN the wiki way”

4. B.S. Butkiewicz “Fuzzy algorithm for fast medical help”

5. B.S. Butkiewicz “The concept of zeros and poles in fuzzy system”

6. P. Chountas, K.T. Atanassov “The Notion of H-IFS”

7. P. Couto [et al.] “Colour image segmentation using A-IFSs”

8. D. Dimitrakiev [et al.] “Generalized net model of process of the administration servicing in a digital university”

9. G. Gluchev, K.T. Atanassov, V. Vasilev “A generalized net model of scene analysis process”

10. E. Gocheva, S. Sotirov, M. Krawczak “Modelling of the verification by iris scanning by generalized net”

11. O. Hryniewicz “Prediction of the demand for water supply-application of the fuzzy statistical analysis of extreme events”

12. L. Klukowski “Determination of tolerance relation-alternative approach to intuitionistic and fuzzy sets”

13. M. Krawczak, G. Szkatuła “On decision rules application to time series classification”

14. A. Niewiadomski “Linguistic expressions represented by interval-valued fuzzy sets and their imprecision measures”

15. P. Nowak, M. Romaniuk “Fuzzy approach to computing option price based on Esscher transformed martingale measure”

16. D. Orozova “Model of the functioning of web-based information system via generalized net”

17.     E. Rakus-Andersson “Minimization of regret in the selection of the most efficacious drug medicating compound qualitative symptoms”

18.     S. Sotirov, V. Bobev “Generalized net model of the Ro-Ro traffic”

19.     E. Szmidt, J. Kacprzyk “A method for ranking alternatives expressed via Atanassov’s intuitionistic fuzzy sets”

20.     A. Wilbik, J. Kacprzyk “On some issues of the measure of the length of the summary in linguistic data summaries”

21.     M. Wygralak “Model examples of applications of sigma f-counts to counting in fuzzy and I-fuzzy sets”

22.     S. Zadrożny, G. De Tré, J. Kacprzyk “On some approaches to possibilistic bipolar data modeling in databases”

23.     Y. Zhelev [et al.] “Generalized net model of process of the European awareness scenario workshop method”


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