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The papers presented in this Volume II constitute a collection of contributions, both of a foundational and applied type, by both well-known experts and young researchers in various fields of broadly perceived intelligent systems. It may be viewed as a result of fruitful discussions held during the Sixth International Workshop on Intuitionist Fuzzy Sets and Generalized Nets (IWIFSGN 2007) organized in Warsaw on October 5, 2007 by the Systems Research Institute, Polish Academy of Sciences, in Warsaw, Poland, Institute of Biophysics and Biomedical Engineering, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences in Sofia, Bulgaria, and WIT Warsaw School of Information Technology in Warsaw, Poland, and co organized.

Contents volume II:

1. B.S. Butkiewicz “Metrological and linguistic approach to fuzzification procedure”

2. P. Chountas [et al.] “Modelling the vitis vinifera domain – the case for H-IFS”

3. P. Chountas [et al.] “Generalized net model for querying operators over multiple intuitionistic fuzzy cubes”

4. G. De Tré “The need for advanced techniques to deal with bipolarity in information systems”

5. J. Hołubiec, G. Szkatuła, D. Wagner “Machine learning approach for discovering electorate preferences during parliamentary elections”

6. O. Hryniewicz, A. Szediw “Kendall control chart for fuzzy data”

7. T. Jaworska “Analysis of object features in terms of the dissimilarity of pattern recognition”

8. W. Kosiński, B. Golenia “Double covering of data for multivariate approximation”

9. M. Krawczak “A concept of generalized net modeling of neutral network systems”

10. D.V. Lakov “Intuitionistic fuzzy set approach in hydro power plant control”

11. S. Łukasik [et al.] “Fuzzy model identification using Kernel-Density-Based clustering”

12. Z. Nahorski, J. Horabik “Using fuzzy numbers to model uncertainty of greenhouse gases national inventories”

13. G. Nieradka “Intuitionistic fuzzy sets applied to stereo matching problem”

14. P. Nowak, M. Romaniuk “Applying fuzzy parameters for option pricing based on stochastic process with jumps”

15. J.W. Owsiński, A. Pielak “Qualitative assessment of the websites of local authorities in Poland with hierarchical K-Histograms”

16. J.W. Owsiński, A. Ziółkowski, H. Spustek „Uncertainty in decision ma king: a Simple pragmatic approach”

17. D. Peneva, V. Tasseva “Generalized net modeling of client’s requests processing in healthcare web-based information systems”

18. E. Rakus-Andersson “The notion of distances between fuzzy sets as a criterion in the diagnostic process”

19. O. Roeva “Generalized net model for functional states recognition”

20. O. Roeva, T. Pencheva, St. Tzonkov “Generalized net for proportional-integral-derivative controller”

21. A. Shannon [et al.] “Generalized net model for the reliability and standardization of assessments of student problem solving with intuitionistic fuzzy estimations”

22. S. Sotirov “Generalized net model of the art neural networks. Part 3”

23. J. Stańczak, Z. Nahorski “Design of problem specific evolutionary operators”

24. E. Szmidt, J. Kacprzyk “Intuitionistic fuzzy sets – a prospective tool for text categorization”

25. V. Tasseva, D. Peneva “On some approaches for Gn structure unification”

26. P. Tchesmedjiev “Modelling MPI parallel processes for cluster environment using generalized nets”

27. I.K. Vlachos, G.D. Sergiadis “Intuitionistic fuzzy image processing – a survey”

28. Z. Zadrożny, J. Kacprzyk, K. Nowacka “An approach to automatic text categorization using a fuzzy information retrieval model”


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