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The papers presented in this volume constitute a collection of contri­butions, both of a foundational and applied type, by both well-known experts and young researchers in various fields of broadly perceived in­telligent systems. It may be viewed as a result of fruitful discussions held during the First International Workshop on Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets and Generalized Nets (IWIFSGN-2005) organized in Warsaw in September, 2005 by the Systems Research Institute, Polish Academy of Sciences, in Warsaw, Poland, Centre for Biomedical Engineering, Bulgarian Acad­emy of Sciences in Sofia, Bulgaria, and WIT - Warsaw School of Infor­mation Technology in Warsaw, Poland and endorsed by the Polish Society of Operations and Systems Research (PTBOiS) and EUSFLAT (European Society for Fuzzy Logic and Tech­nology). First International Workshop on Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets and Gener­alized Nets (IWIFSGN-2005) has ben meant to commence a new series of scientific events primarily focused on new developments in founda­tions and applications of intuitionistic fuzzy sets and generalized nets pioneered by Professor Krassimir T. Atanassov. However, other topics related to broadly perceived representation and processing of uncertain and imprecise information and intelligent systems. We hope that a collection of main contributions presented at the Workshop, completed with many papers by leading experts who have not been able to participate, will provide a source of much needed in­formation on recent trends in the topics considered.





Presentation of Neuron by Generalized Net, A. Antonov

On the Geometrical Interpretations of the Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets, K. Atanassov, V. Tasseva, E. Szmidt, and J. Kacprzyk

Intuitionistic Fuzzy-valued Fuzzy Measures and Integrals, A.I. Ban

A Family of Monotone Measures on Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets with Respect to Frank Intuitionistic Fuzzy t-Norms, A.I. Ban

Image Thresholding Using Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets, H. Bustince, V. Mohedano, E. Barrenechea, and M. Pagola

The Lukasiewicz t-Norm in Interval-valued Fuzzy and Intuitionistic Fuzzy Set Theory, G. Deschrijver

Modeling of Software Systems with Generalized Nets, A. Dimov and S. Ilieva

A Generalized Net Model of a Multiagent Distributed Search Engine, K. Georgiev and T. Trifonov

Generalized Net Models in Speaker Verification and Identification with Intuitionistic Fuzzy Estimations, S. Hadjitodorov, E. Szmidt, K. Atanassov, A. Shannon, G. Gluhchev, and V. Vasilev

Fuzzy Statistical Methods in Reliability and Quality Control, O. Hryniewicz

Human Attitude Towards Risk in the Process of Pricing Catastrophe Bonds, A. Jakubowski

A Softened Formulation in Inductive Learning and its Application to Coronary Disease Data, J. Kacprzyk and G. Szkatuła

Representing Uncertainty and Ignorance in Probabilistic Data Using the Intuitionistic Fuzzy Relational Data Model, B. Kolev, P. Chountas, K. Atanassov, and I. Petrounias

Cardinalities and New Measure of Entropy for IF Sets, P. Král

Modelling of Adjoint Neural Networks by Generalized Nets, M. Krawczak

On the Fuzzy Rough Sets, J. Kusendová

Convergence of IF-observables, K. Lendelová

Generalized Net Model of E-leaming Evaluation with Intuitionistic Fuzzy Estimations, P. Melo-Pinto, T. Kim, K. Atanassov, E. Sotirova, A. Shannon, and M. Krawczak

Caratheodory outer measure on MV-algebras, A. Michalíková

Intuitionistic and Interval-valued Fuzzy Sets in Evaluation. Remarks on Equivalence, A. Niewiadomski

GN Model of a System for Distributed Computations, B. Nonchev

What is an Outlier? Some Questions and some Responses, J.W. Owsiński

Examples of Applications of IF-Sets with Triangular Norms to Group Decision Making Problems, A. Pankowska

A Choice of Optimal Medicines by Fuzzy Decision Making Including Unequal Objectives, E. Rakus-Andersson

On the probability - preserving maps on the Lukasiewicz square, M. Rencová

On the Entropy of IF Dynamical Systems, B. Riečan

An Experimental Study of Methods Combining Multiple Classifiers - Diversified both by Feature Selection and Bootstrap Sampling, J. Stefanowski

Similarity Measures for Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets, E. Szmidt and J. Kacprzyk

On the Generalized Nets Transitions, V. Tasseva

Noise Removal in Color Image Segmentation, A. Wilbik

I-Fuzzy Sets with Triangular Norms, Their Hesitation Areas and Cardinalities, M. Wygralak

Using Fuzzy Linguistic Quantifiers for Text Categorization, S. Zadrożny and J. Kacprzyk

New Approach for Measuring Similarity Between Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets, Y. Zhou

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