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The papers presented in this Volume I constitute a collection of contributions, both of a foundational and applied type, by both well-known experts and young researchers in various fields of broadly perceived intelligent systems. It may be viewed as a result of fruitful discussions held during the Ninth International Workshop on Intuitionist Fuzzy Sets and Generalized Nets (IWIFSGN 2010) organized in Warsaw on October 8, 2010 by the Systems Research Institute, Polish Academy of Sciences, in Warsaw, Poland, Institute of Biophysics and Biomedical Engineering, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences in Sofia, Bulgaria, and WIT Warsaw School of Information Technology in Warsaw, Poland, and co organized.

Contents volume I:

1. K.T. Atanassov “The intuitionistic fuzzy sets as constructive objects”

2. L. Atanassova, K. Atanassov “Intuitionistic fuzzy interpretations of Conway’s game ofLife. Part 3: modal and extended modal transformations of the game fields”.

3. M. Baczyński “On the distributive equation I(x,S_1 (y,z) )=S_(2  ) (I(x,y),I(x,z) ) for t- representable t-conorms generated from nilpotent or strict t-conorms”

4. A.I. Ban, L.C. Coroianu “Approximations of intuitionistic fuzzy numbers generated from approximations of fuzzy number”

5. D.D. Dimitrov “Optimized algorithm for tokens transfer in generalized nets”

6. J. Drewniak “Families of fuzzy preferences”

7. P. Drygaś “Problem of monotonicity for decomposable operations”

8. J. Kelemenova “The inclusion-exclusion principle in semigroups”

9. W. Kosiński, M. Kacprzak “Fuzzy implications on lattice of ordered fuzzy numbers”

10. A. Król “Dependencies between fuzzy negation, disjunction and implication”

11. M. Kuková “The inclusion-exclusion principle on some algebraic structures”

12. Z. Matusiewicz “On max-*fuzzy systems”

13. A. Pękala, U. Dudziak „Properties of intuitionistic fuzzy preference relations”

14. A. Piegat “Uncertainty of probability”

15. E. Rak “Conditional distributivity of increasing binary operations”

16. K. Samuelcik, I. Holla “Central limit theorem on IV-events”

17. K. Samuelcik, I. Holla “Local entropy on IF-events”

18. J. Sobera “Aggregation of-*transitive fuzzy relations by quasi-linear means”

19. E. Szmidt, J. Kacprzyk, P. Bujnowski “Pearson’s correlations coefficient between intuitionistic fuzzy sets: an extended theoretical and numerical analysis”

20. M. Wygralak “Scalar and fuzzy cardinalities-tools for intelligent counting under information imprecision”



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