Ćwikliński, Owsiński (eds.), Nordic-Baltic Europe in restructuring_1994

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The present volume contains the papers presented at the 3rd International Nordic-Baltic Workshop held in Sopot on April 14-16,1994. The Workshop theme was ?Nordic-Baltic Europe is restructuring: Looking for the integration fits?. The meeting was organized and run by The Interfaces Institute from Warsaw, together with the Chair of Economic Policy, Faculty of Economics, University of Gdansk, and the Nordic Section of the Regional Science Association. Cooperation with the European Integration Research Centre of the University of Gdańsk, as well as grants from the Swedish Institute, Expert Group on Regional and Urban Studies by the Swedish Government, Polish Ministry of Education and Council of Ministers (Undersecretary of State for European Integration and Foreign Assistance) are kindly acknowledged.


Table of contents:



Jan W. OWSIŃSKI, Introduction: Facets of Integration


  1. The Nordic-Baltic Region and Its Future


    Natalya GNATOVSKAYA, „Towards the Baltic Sea Area Regional Market: Challenges and Opportunities”

    Andrzej STĘPNIAK, „Regional Policy and Capital Movement”

    Lars FUGLSANG, John Storm PEDERSEN, „Pro-Active and Strategic Policies of Integration: Toward a New Social Division of Labour in the Baltic Region”


  2. Action-at-a-Distance: Across Space


    Kent ELIASSON, Mats JOHANSSON, „Labor Force as a Location Factor and the New Spatial Division of Production”

    Lars Olof Persson, „Closeness and Close-Downs”

    Annekatrin NIEBUHR, Hayo HERRMANN, Karin PESCHEL, „Consequences of Economic Development in Eastern Europe for EU Regions”


  3. Regions Within


    Ulf WIBERG, „From Visions to Functional Relationships in the Barents Region”

    Witold JAKÓBIK, „The Public Enterprise and the Industry Restructuring Policy in a Semi-Market Economy. Some Polish Experiences”

    Aado KESKPAIK, Garri RAAGMAA, „Insular and Continental Periphery of Estonia in Transition: Comparative Case-Study”


  4. Transport


    Gunnar STAVRUM, Arild SAETHER, „The Potential for Combined Transport in Selected Transport Corridors”

    Henryk ĆWIKLIŃSKI, Grzegorz PAWLOWSKI, „The Region of Gdańsk as a Transportation Centre of the Future”

    Gordon MILLS, „Public Evaluation of Proposals for Privately-Funded Transport Infrastructure”


  5. Resources and Environment


    Keith CLEMENT, „Government, Industry and Environment: A Review of Policy Initiatives Designed to Promote Sustainable Economic Growth”

    Leonardos A. KAIRIUKSTIS, „Environmental Situation in Eastern Baltic Region and Its Management Strategy”

    Robert APS, „Baltic Fisheries - the Key Demand Is for Integration”


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