Fedrizzi, Kacprzyk (eds.), Proceedings of 8th Italian-Polish Symposium_1990

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This volume contains most of the papers presented at the 8th Italian - Polish Symposium on Systems Analysis and Decision Support in Economics and Technology held on September 26 - 29, 1989 in Levico Terme (Trento), Italy.

This symposium was organized by the University of Trento under the auspices of, and in the framework of research collaboration between the National Research Council (Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche) and the Polish Academy of Sciences.

The present symposium was already the eigth of its kind, after those held in: Cracow (Poland) in 1971, Pugnochiuso (Italy) in 1974, Bialowieza (Poland) in 1976, Bergamo (Italy) in 1978, Toruń (Poland) in 1980, Rome (Italy) in 1984, and Warsaw, Cracow and Zakopane (Poland) in 1985.

Like all its predecessors, this symposium was attended by representatives of virtually all leading scholarly and research institutions from both Italy and Poland working in the fields of systems analysis, economics, optimization, decision sciences and decision support systems, computer science and artificial intelligence, fuzzy sets, etc. It gathered an unprecedented number of participants. Many interesting papers were presented, including a high number of those being results of a joint Italian - Polish research collaboration.


Table of Contents:


M. Fedrizzi, J. Kacprzyk, Preface



  1. L. D'APUZZO, M. SQUILLANTE, A.G.S. VENTRE, „Synthesis in multicntena decision making”
  2. L. D'APUZZO, M. SQUILLANTE, A.G.S. VENTRE, „A survey of decomposable measures”
  3. J. BABAROWSKI, J. GUTENBAUM, „Macroeconomic model of attaning the supply-demand equilibrium”
  4. L. BASILE, „On the construction of a complementary preference relation”
  5. M. BEREZIŃSKI, „Stochastic phenomena and chaotic bahaviour in economic development”
  6. L. BIACINO, M.R. SIMONELLI, „A note on the internal rate of return of fuzzy cash flows”
  7. L. BIACINO, M.R. SIMONELLI, „A note on fuzzy common knowledge”
  8. E. BODON, E. SPEDICATO, „The scaled ABS algorithm and its application to linear least squares: some numerical results”
  9. A. BUTTI, „A stochastic parallel algorithm for global optimisation”
  10. E. CANESTRELLI, S. GIOVE, „An algorithmic approach to fuzzy functions determination”
  11. P. CARAVANI, „Regulation of linear quadratic games”
  12. E. CASTAGNOLI, „On order preserving functions”
  13. E. CASTAGNOLI, P. MAZZOLENI, „A dynamic model for long-term investment and financing decisions”
  14. K. CICHOCKI, „Representation of econometric models in state-space form, problems of realization”
  15. E. DI CHIO, „Decision support system development for management control”
  16. M. FEDRIZZI, J. KACPRZYK, „On the concept of fuzzy majority in consensus formation”
  17. M. FEDRIZZI, J. KACPRZYK, S. ZADROŻNY, „An interactive multi-user decision support system for consensus reaching with linguistic quantifiers”
  18. G. GAMBARELLI, J. HOŁUBIEC, „Power indices and democratic apportionment”
  19. G. GUGLIELMONE, „A support system for financial choices in a market of manufacturing equipments”
  20. C. IWAŃSKI, J. KACPRZYK, „Machine learning from incomplete and imprecise examples”
  21. I. KALISZEWSKI, „Robust efficient decisions in presence of perturbations”
  22. M. KLEIN, S.C.-Y. YU, A.B. BASKIN, „Towards a theory of conflict resolution in cooperative design”
  23. R. KULIKOWSKI, „On resolution of conflicts generated by competitive access”
  24. G. LA LOGGIA, M.R. MAZZOLA, „About the use of decision support systems in the management of complex water systems”
  25. R. MINCIARDI, M. PAOLUCCI, R. PESENTI, P.P. PULIAFITO, „On the structure and the identification of multi-attribute cost functions”
  26. J. SOSNOWSKI, „A stable method for solving multicriteria linear programming problems in a decision support system”
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