Gutenbaum (ed.), Proceedings of the 3rd Italian-Polish conference on applications of systems theory to economy, management and technology_1977

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The present volume comprises the papers from the 3rd Italian-Polish Conference which was held in Białowieża in May, from 26 to 31. The conference organised by the Centre of Control Systems and Computation of the Italian National Research Council in Rome and the Institute for Organization, Management and Control Sciences of Polish Academy of Sciences and the Ministry of Science, Higher Education and Technology in Warsaw was the third conference of this type.

The first one took place in Kraków (Poland) in 1972, the second in Pugnochiuso (Italy) in 1974.

The proceedings of the conference were divided into three part:

  1. optimization and control theory,
  2. systems theory in economics,
  3. technological, management and information systems.

While the first two parts are of rather homogeneous character, the third part contains the papers concerning the different types of models ? for the economic, technological, management and data processing systems.






  1. C. BONIVENTO, G. CAPITANI, A. TONIELLI, „Linear dynamic modelling for process control in technical and economic areas”
  2. W. FINDEISEN, „Coordination by price methods”
  3. E. FORNASINI, A. LEPSCHY, M. STRATTA, „Signal flow graphs and structural properties of linear systems”
  4. C. GORI-GIORGI, A. ISIDORI, A. RUBERTI, „A survey of some recent applications of the theory of bilinear systems to the analysis of other classes of nonlinear systems”
  5. H. GOSIEWSKI, A. ŻOCHOWSKI, „On a new frequency-response approach to the synthesis of multiinput-multioutput linear control systems”
  6. H. GÓREKCI, „Some problems of optimization of hierarchical structures”
  7. J. GUTENBAUM, „Problems of polioptimization with separation of different performance criteria”
  8. T. KACZOREK, „Design of linear time-varying tracking systems with stochastic disturbances”
  9. G. TRECCANI, „An algorithm for convex programming via functional linear programming”
  10. A.P. WIERZBICKI, „A primal-dual large scale optimization method based on augmented Lagrange functions and interaction shift prediction”
  1. M. ARCELLI, „Some issues on application of control theory to balance of payments adjustment: a new treatment opposed to the accepted theory”
  2. K. CICHOCKI, „On optimum allocation of resources”
  3. O. GEDYMIN, „The dynamic Pareto's optimum and the Pontriagin-Krivienkov's theory in planning of economic growth”
  4. J. GOŚCIŃSKI, „Control process in large-scale economic systems in planned economy”
  5. P. MAZZOLENI, „Influence of inflation on international commercial banking”
  6. S. PIASECKI, C. SIEMASZKO, „Mathematical model of economic exchange”
  7. G.P. SZEGÖ, „Generalized separation in portfolio theory”
  1. J. BABAROWSKI, M. INKIELMAN, H. PIETKIEWICZ-SAŁDAN, J. WIŚNIEWSKI, „Operative control of nitrogen fertilizers production”
  2. Z. BUBNICKI, „Global identification of complex systems”
  3. G. CASALINO, F. DAVOLI, P.P. PULIAFITO, R. ZOPPOLI, „Models of communication networks in large-scale systems”
  4. V. GERVASIO, „An interactive system for management and control in a multiproject company”
  5. J. GREŃ, „On certain application of statistical games theory to quality control”
  6. S. DE JULIO, C. LEPORELLI, M. LUCERTINI, „Modelling and identification of the Italian fiberglass industry”
  7. E. MICHALEWSKI, A. STRASZAK, „Fast method of computer-aided design of manager information system”
  8. Z. PAWŁOWSKI, „Organization aspects of the system of forecasting the level of fulfillment of economic plans”
  9. A. STRASZAK, J. OWSIŃSKI, „Systems analysis approach to integrative organization, planning and management for the development of the region”
  10. G.P. SZEGÖ, E. FAGINOLI, „On the optimal design of management information systems”
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