Kacprzyk, Krawczak, Zadrożny (eds.), Issues in information technology_2002

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International Conference on Flexible Query Answering Systems (FQAS'2000) - held in Warsaw (Poland) in October, 2000 - has attracted many prominent scientists from all over the world. Some of them were requested to deliver special lectures for students of Warsaw School of Information Technology, and next some of them have written excellent texts to this volume.

The lectures as well as the papers give a comprehensive overview of main directions of modem information technology (or IT, for short). Both theoretical and practical issues are addressed. Among the mainstream topics of IT the following are dealt with: information retrieval, complexity of algorithms, formal languages, database management systems, and distributed systems. More theoretically oriented papers deal with the theory and applications of fuzzy logic and decision making .

Due to a comprehensive and concise form of all the papers written by leading researchers, this volume will be of interest not only to students but also to teachers and researchers looking for a survey of major issues and modem approaches in IT.




Olgierd Hryniewicz, Foreword

Janusz Kacprzyk, Maciej Krawczak, Sławomir Zadrożny, Preface


  1. Donald H. KRAFT, „Some Artificial Intelligence Approaches to Textual Information Retrieval”
  2. Adnan YAZICI, „Some Notes on Analysis of Algorithms”
  3. Henning CHRISTIANSEN, „Using Prolog as Metalanguage for Teaching Programming Language Concepts”
  4. Irina PERFILIEVA, Vilem NOVÁK, „Fuzzy Logic on the Basis of Classical Logic”
  5. Laszlo T. KÓCZY, Komei P. CSÁNYI, „A Brief Overview of Fuzzy Logic and Fuzzy Control”
  6. Rita DE CALUWE, „Principles of Fuzzy Databases”
  7. Ernesto DAMIANI, „Distributed Object Protocols: Overview and Opportunities for Fuzzy Research”
  8. Geoffrey CHURCHILL, Thomas WHALEN, „Decision Under Uncertainty”
  9. Thomas WHALEN, „Soft Decision Analysis”
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