Kulikowski (ed.), Methodology and applications of decision support systems_proceedings of the 3-rd Polish-Finnish Symposium_1989

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The present volume contains most of the papers presented at the III-rd Polish-Finnish Symposium on „Methodology and Applications of Decision Support Systems”, held at Gdańsk-Sobieszewo on 26-29 September 1988.

This Symposium was organized by the Systems Research Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences. It was attended by 8 Finnish scientists and 18 representatives of the Polish scientific institutions.

The program of the Symposium was organized around the following main topics:

  1. Decision Support Systems for Management,
  2. Applications of Information Technology,
  3. Mathematical Tools for Planning and Decision Making,
  4. Negotiations and Bargaining Methods,
  5. Uncertainty and Imprecision in Decision Models.

The papers presented are published here in the alphabetical order of authors.




Roman Kulikowski, Preface

  1. Mirosław BEREZIŃSKI, Grażyna PETRICZEK, „A new look at the problem of macroeconomic system evolution”
  2. Hanna BURY, Lech KRUŚ, Roman KULIKOWSKI, „Supporting planning decisions by experiments with a complex development model”
  3. Christer CARLSSON, „Information technology for senior level management support”
  4. Christer CARLSSON, Ralf ÖSTERMARK, „Interactive heuristics vs. optimization as planning strategies”
  5. Wiesław CIECHANOWICZ, Elżbieta MARCINIAK, „Estimating the consequence of introducing wind energy and biomass energy to the energy sector”
  6. Janusz KACPRZYK, Jerzy HOŁUBIEC, „Towards more realistic modeling of international economic cooperation via fuzzy mathematical programming and cooperative games”
  7. Leszek KLUKOWSKI, Dariusz WAGNER, „Uncertainty in the analytic hierarchy process”
  8. Lech KRUŚ, Bożena ŁOPUCH, Piotr BRONISZ, „Application of interactive solutions for decision support in bargaining problem, an illustrative example”
  9. Janusz MAJCHRZAK, „A new approach for pairwise comparisons utilization in MCDM”
  10. Marko M. MÄKELÄ, „Numerical experiments with various nonsmooth optimization methods”
  11. Jacek W. MERCIK, „On the entry problem”
  12. Hannu NURMI, Janusz KACPRZYK, „Fuzzy tournaments and their solution concepts in group decision making”
  13. Jan OWSIŃSKI, Sławomir ZADROŻNY, „A decision support system for analysing and aggregating fuzzy orderings”
  14. Tapio REPONEN, Timo LEINO, „Expert system for information technology strategy formulation in whole sale business”
  15. Leon SŁOMIŃSKI, „Parallel algorithms, for optimization”
  16. Andrzej STACHURSKI, „A variant of Karmarkar algorithm for LP problems making use of sensitivity analysis”
  17. Jacek STEFAŃSKI, „Some aspects of the use of threats in negotiations”
  18. Andrzej STRASZAK, Wojciech CICHOCKI, Andrzej JAKUBOWSKI, Dariusz WAGNER, „Decision support systems for multi-actor negotiations within enterprises and research organisations”
  19. Reima SUOMI, „Inter-organizational information systems in the light of the transaction cost theory”
  20. Krzysztof SZKATUŁA, „A greedy-like approximate algorithm for the sequencing jobs with deadlines problem, „an average case approach”
  21. Jeffrey E.TEICH, Markku KUULA, „Nadir ordinal ranking approach (NORA)”
  22. Aimo A.TÖRN, „Parallel Monte Carlo with application to global optimization”
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