Kulikowski, MacDonald (eds.), Social security reform_1998

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This modest volume results from an international working meeting devoted to the analysis and design of the contents and the tasks of the research project, recently undertaken at the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA), devoted to the problems of social security reforms (SSR). The meeting, hosted by the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw in September 1997, was organized and run by the Systems Research Institute in close collaboration with IIASA.

The volume contains the full papers, or in some cases the summaries of the presentations made at the workshop, as well as the short texts of the interventions from the panel discussion. It can be easily seen from the contents that the variety of both the views and the national as well as scientific backgrounds of those participating constituted a strong point of the meeting and the exchange of opinions there. Although a true synthesis is perhaps beyond our present capacity, all possible efforts should be made to account for the existing theoretical knowledge and technical approaches, and to bring them together in an effective way.


Table of contents:



Welcoming address by Mirosław Mossakowski


Chapter 1: Problems and Experience of the Social Security Reforms


Gordon J. MacDonald, „The many dimensions of social security reform”

Andras Simonovits, „Some unsolved problems of the Hungarian pension reform”

Michael Wyzan, „Notes on the political economy of social security reform”

Edward Palmer, „Overview of the Swedish and Latvian pension reforms”

Mariela Nenova, „Experiences of social security reform in Bulgaria”


Chapter 2: A Way to Formalization


Roman Kulikowski, „Individual utilities and the choice of security system”

Landis MacKellar, „Investing in emerging markets is no panacea for OECD population aging: results from an exploratory simulation with a neoclasscal model”

Lech Kruś, „Multicriteria modeling, group and negotiation support in the case of social security reform in Poland”

Marek Makowski, „Model-based problem analysis: methods, pitfalls and tools”

Włodzimierz Ogryczak, „Equity and risk factors in aspiration-based approaches Social Security Reform: Table of Contents”

Leszek S. Zaremba, „A new model of asset allocation in risky and risk-free assets”


Chapter 3: The Outline of the Polish Case


Michal Rutkowski, „The Polish pension reform program”

Jerzy Z. Holzer and Irena Kotowska, „Demographic background for the social security reform”

Maria Chańska and Bogdan Wojtyniak, „Recent trends in the health status of the Polish population”

Jolanta Perek, „Household savings behaviour in Poland: results from the exploratory cross-tabulation analysis for 1995”

Piotr Krasucki, „How to protect employees with low income against poverty”

Jan W. Owsiński, „Is sidestepping a proper solution to the social security reform problem? (and what should we know in order to answer the question)”


Chapter 4: Summary Report


Jan W. Owsiński and Jolanta Perek, „Summary report from the international workshop on social security reform, Warsaw, September 1997”

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