Kulikowski, Nahorski, Owsiński (eds.), Economic transformation and integration_1998

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This volume contains a selection of papers from the international conference on „Transition to Advanced Market Institutions and Economies”, held in Warsaw, in 1997. The conference was organized and ran by the Systems Research Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences together with the Polish Operational and Systems Research Society and the international working group MODEST (MODelling od Economies and Societies in Transition). International sponsorship of the conference was secured by IFORS, the International Federation of Operations Research Societies, and EURO, its European Chapter, IF AC, the International Federation of Automatic Control, and IIASA, the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis.

Publication of this volume was made possible owing to a PHARE FIESTA II grant, obtained from the Office of the Committee for European Integration of the Polish Government, under agreement no. 189/0472/1/97/1.


Table of contents:


Chapter I: The analysis of economic and institutional transformation


Leonid HURWICZ, „Modeling institutional change”

Jean-Luc SCHNEIDER, „Voting for income redistribution”

Philip J.H. SCHRODER, „Restructuring, corporate control, and manager incentives in transition economies”

Thorvadur GYLFASON, „Privatization, efficiency, and economic growth”

Peter BEARSE, Gerhard GLOMM, B. RAVIKUMAR, „On education finance: The case of Poland”

Scott BAIER, Gerhard GLOMM, „Capital accumulation with distortionary government expenditures and transfers”

Milan ZELENY, „National and corporate asset optimization: From macro-to-micro -reengineering”

Hanna BURY, „Family utility model and tax policy”


Chapter II: The actual change and its economic and monetary issues


Stanislaw GOMUŁKA, „Economic transformation: Unexpected phenomena and difficult decisions”

Witold JAKOB IK, „Structural adjustment in Poland's economy: Theory and practice”

Misa JANDRIC, Vesna MILICEVIC, „Quantitative bases for stabilization, transition and development policy of the FR of Yugoslavia”

Anatolii PERVOZVANSKI, V. BARINOV, „Evolution of Russian foreign currency market”

Thomas S. MONDSCHEAN, Timothy P. OPIELA, „Deposit insurance reform and the market for bank deposits in Poland”

Magdalena SOKALSKA, „Equity price dynamics in small emerging markets of Central and Eastern Europe”


Chapter III: Modelling for economic transformation


Władysław WELFE, „Topics in modelling of economies in transition: An introduction”

Janusz BABAROWSKI, Jakub GUTENBAUM, Michal INKIELMAN, „Price mechanisms in the macroeconomic simulation model”

Jan GADOMSKI, Irena WORONIECKA, „Structure and productivity during the transition period”

Mikhail MIKHALEVICH, Ludmilla KOSHLAI, „On modelling of inflationary and postinflationary processes in Ukraine in 1990-1996”

Mariella NENOVA, Alfredo CANAVESE, „Inflation stabilization and state-owned enterprise behaviour in transition economies - the case of Bulgaria”

Urmas SEPP, „Currency board arrangement and inflation in Estonia”

Abdalla M. DADDESH, „Forecasting water demand in Libya until year 2050”


Chapter IV: International trade, capital flow and integration


Bernhard SELIGER, „Eastern enlargement of the EU, public choice and institutional competition”

Thomas GRIES, Stefan JUNGBLUT, Henning MEYER, „European integration and regional agglomeration in Eastern Europe”

Jarko FIDRMUC, „Application of gravity models to commodity groups and trade projections between EU and CEEC”

A.H. BAYAR, P.M.C. de BOER, B. HOBIJN, C. MARTINEZ, T. PAMUKCU, „Did trade liberalisation induce a structural break in imports of manufactures in Turkey!”

Ken MORITA, „An economic analysis of foreign direct investment in Eastern and Central Europe: A case of Japan's FDI into Poland”


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