Kulikowski, Nahorski, Owsiński (eds.), Modelling of economic transition phenomena_2001

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The present volume resulted from the collaboration of a number of persons and institutions. The collaboration leading to the book herewith presented involved also quite a substantial international network. Although the present volume does not make the proper proceedings, it must be admitted that the starting point for its elaboration was constituted by the international conference held in Warsaw. Following this conference, the selected papers were reviewed by an international team of referees, and their authors asked to modify, amend, and update their papers in accordance with the results of the reviewing process. These authors did not necessarily have to have their papers presented at the meeting. Most of the authors invited complied with the assumed course of the procedure and so the present volume could be put together.

In terms of institutions, the network involved was composed of the Systems Research Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences, the Polish Operational and Systems Research Society, the International Federation of the Operational Research Societies (IFORS), as well as the EURO Working Group MODEST, affiliated with the IFORS' European chapter, EURO, these bodies being the co-organisers of the initial meeting. At some point in the procedure the University of Information Technology and Management took over in order to bring the work to a successful end. It should also be noted that a number of authors of papers here contained are associated with the University, and the same can be said of the editors of the volume.


Table of contents:




    • Macroeconomic modelling of transition


    1. R. NECK, „Macroeconomic modelling of transition to market economies”
    2. W. WELFE, „Topics in modelling of economies in transition”


    • Modelling of inflation


    1. J. BABAROWSKI, J. GUTENBAUM, M. INKIELMAN, „Simulation of the inflation process in a macroeconomic model. The case study of Poland”
    2. M. NENOVA, A. CANAVESE, „Inflation stabilisation and the state-owned enterprise behaviour in transition economies. The case of Bulgaria”
    3. M. MIKHALEVICH, L. KOSHLAI, „On modelling of inflationary and postinflationary processes in Ukraine in 1990-1996”


    • Analysis and modelling of transition in Poland


    1. S. GOMUŁKA, „Economic transformation: unexpected phenomena and difficult decisions”
    2. W. JAKÓBIK, „The impact of institutional changes on industrial structure. The case of Poland”
    3. J. GADOMSKI, I. WORONIECKA, „Efficiency at the macro and sectoral levels in Polish economy. A modelling approach”


    • European integration


    1. B. SELIGER, „Public choice, institutional competition and the Eastern extension of the European Union”
    2. T. GRIES, S. JUNGBLUT, H. MEYER, „European integration and regional agglomeration in Eastern Europe”


    • International flows


    1. A. H. BAYAR, C. MARTINEZ, P. M. C. De BOER, B. HOBIJN, T. PAMUKÇU, „Did trade liberalization induce a structural break in imports of manufactures in Turkey?”
    2. J. FIDRMUC, „Application of gravity models to commodity groups and trade projections between the EU and CEEC”
    3. K. CICHOCKI, „The impact of foreign direct investment on the Polish economy”
    4. K. MORITA, „An analysis of foreign direct investment in Eastern Europe: a case of Japan's FDI in Poland”
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