Kulikowski, Nahorski, Owsiński, Straszak (eds.), Support systems for decision and negotiation processes_Vol. I_1992

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The present two volumes contain the preliminary working material for the international IFAC/IFORS/IIASA/TIMS workshop on SUPPORT SYSTEMS FOR DECISION AND NEGOTIATION PROCESSES, Warsaw, June 24-26, 1992. As such these volumes cannot be regarded as proper publication. The state of the material here presented is as of May 26th, 1992. Very little, if any, editing was performed on the papers and abstracts presented and they should be treated as draft material.

There are altogether 84 papers and abstracts in these two volumes, by authors from as many as 31 countries. It is especially this latter number that shows the intensity of interest in techniques meant to aid in decision making and negotiating.

The papers and abstracts are presented according to the alphabetical order of the first authors (Vol. I: A-K, Vol. II: L-Z). Following the alphabetical table of contents there is also the table of contents put together according to the workshop program. The program contains thirteen technical and three plenary sessions, devoted to a variety of themes within the domain of decision and negotiation systems.


Table of Contents:




Z. NAHORSKI, J.W. OWSIŃSKI, Introduction


  1. A.M. ABBASOV, E. R. ALIEV, M. G. MAMEDOVA, „Decision-Making Based on Distributed Knowledge Base with Relational Structure”
  2. A.T. de ALMEIDA, G.A. BOHORIS, F.C.M. de SOUZA, „Preference Elicitation in Reliability Engineering”
  3. D. BEČEJSKI-VUJAKLIJA, „Conceptual Model of DSS Management Game Type Creation”
  4. A. BLAQUIERE, „Negotiation with Threat Strategies”
  5. A. BORISOV, V. GORBATYUK, E. VILUMS, „Software Implementation of Decision Support System”
  6. S.D. BUSHUYEV, „Decision Making by Innovation in Project Management”
  7. D.N. CLARK, M. BUTLER, P. DOYLE, „A Decision Support System for Milk Tanker Scheduling”
  8. J. CLIMACO,C.H. ANTUNES, „On the Application of TRIMAP to Problems with Multiple Decision Makers”
  9. R.C. COLLINS, „Linking Scientific & Technical Data with Environmental Negotiation: Functions and Case Studies”
  10. J. DAI, K. LU, H. WANG, „An Intelligent and Distributed Decision Support System for Rescue in Coal Mines”
  11. M. DELGADO, „Handling Linguistic Information in Decision Making Processes”
  12. E. DIDAY, M. GETTLER-SUMMA, „Factorial Axis Interpretation by Symbolic Objects”
  13. G.J. DZEMYDIENE, „Representation of Decision Making Processes for the Ecological Evaluation System”
  14. B.S. ELKIN, A.E. LILIK, S.R. TARANOV, „A System of informational Backup for Treatment of Victims of Technogenic and Natural Emergencies”
  15. M. FEDRIZZI, J. KACPRZYK, J.W. OWSIŃSKI, S. ZADROŻNY, „A DDS for Consensus Reaching Using Fuzzy Linguistic Majority and Clustering of Preferences”
  16. G. FLORESCU, M. MOISE, „Fuzzy support system for negotiation”
  17. N.M. FRASER, „Decisionmaker: Lessons from the Marketplace”
  18. B. GAILLY, F. BOULIER, M. INSTALLÉ, „Application of Multicriteria Decision Making to the Planning of the Development of Rural Areas”
  19. G. GAMBARELLI, „Power Indices for Political and Financial Decision Making”
  20. X. GANDIBLEUX, C. ROSENTHAL-SABROUX, G. LIBERT, „Multicriteria Approach for Intelligent Decision Support in Supervisory Control”
  21. W. GAUL, „Computer-Assisted Decision Support for Market Research and Marketing Problems”
  22. M.M. GRESHILOV, A.Y. ZALOJHNEV, „The Computerized Support System for Decision Making in Economy”
  23. P. GU, „The Model of Tactic-Coordinating System-Application of Such a System in the Pretreatment of Wastewater”
  24. L. GUENNEGUEZ, „Forest Property: Decision Between Objectives and Metaobjectives”
  25. A. GUEZ, Z. AHMAD, „Multiple Criteria Decision Making in Automatic Nonlinear Control”
  26. Y.Y. HAIMES, „Risk of Extreme Events and the Fallacy of the Expected Value”
  27. R. HILLENBRAND, D. HACKENBERG, „Expert System for Evaluation and Selection of Emission Control Measures”
  28. R. HILLENBRAND, D. HACKENBERG, H.-D. HAASIS, O. RENTZ, „Design of an information and Decision Support System tor Emission Control Measures”
  29. C. IWAŃSKI, „Knowledge Acquisition Supported by Knowledge Based System”
  30. J. KACPRZYK, M. FEDRIZZI, H. NURMI, „Fuzzy Linguistic Majorities in Group Decision Making and Consensus Reaching”
  31. I. KALISZEWSKI, „Parallel Computations for Decision Support Systems”
  32. G.E. KERSTEN, S. SZPAKOWICZ, „Rules and Environments: A Hybrid Representation for Decision Problems”
  33. D.M. KILGOUR, K.W. HIPEL, L. FANG, „The Graph Model for Conflicts as a Negotiation Support Tool”
  34. S.V. KIRPICH, „Organized Design Principles of Systems on the Basis of Conflict Type Models”
  35. L. KLUKOWSKI, „Some Probabilistic Properties of the Nearest Adjoining Order Method for the Case When Comparisons Are Not Independent”
  36. P. KOKOL, B. STIGLIC, V. ZUMER, „Constructing Negotiation Support Models Applying SSM: A Software Development Lookout”
  37. A. KOLESNIKOV, A. GAIDUK, „Optimization of Computerized Support Systems”
  38. M.M. KOSTREVA, M.M. WIĘCEK, „Multicriteria Decision Making in Fire Egress Analysis”
  39. P. KOZAK, „Knowledge of Time-Dependent System Behaviour Representation and Inference Methods”
  40. W. KRAJEWSKI, „Role of Information Structures in Risk-Sensitive Discrete-Time Noncooperative Problems”
  41. L. KRUŚ, „Computer Based Mediation Support”
  42. J.L KULIKOWSKI, „Decision Support Systems Based on Relative Logical Inference”
  43. R. KULIKOWSKI, „A Theory of Success with Application to Decision Support”
  44. A. KUSIAK, J. WANG, „Concurrent Engineering: Modelling the Negotiation Process”
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