Kulikowski, Nahorski, Owsiński, Straszak (eds.), Support systems for decision and negotiation processes_Vol. II_1992

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The present two volumes contain the preliminary working material for the international IFAC/IFORS/IIASA/TIMS workshop on SUPPORT SYSTEMS FOR DECISION AND NEGOTIATION PROCESSES, Warsaw, June 24-26, 1992. As such these volumes cannot be regarded as proper publication. The state of the material here presented is as of May 26th, 1992. Very little, if any, editing was performed on the papers and abstracts presented and they should be treated as draft material.

There are altogether 84 papers and abstracts in these two volumes, by authors from as many as 31 countries. It is especially this latter number that shows the intensity of interest in techniques meant to aid in decision making and negotiating.

The papers and abstracts are presented according to the alphabetical order of the first authors (Vol. I: A-K, Vol. II: L-Z). Following the alphabetical table of contents there is also the table of contents put together according to the workshop program. The program contains thirteen technical and three plenary sessions, devoted to a variety of themes within the domain of decision and negotiation systems.


Table of Contents:




Z. NAHORSKI, J.W. OWSIŃSKI, Introduction


  1. J.M. LABAT, M. FUTTERSACK, J.C. POMEROL, „A Multicriteria Decision Support System for the Planning of the Aids for Long-Period Unemployed”
  2. S. LAHIRI, „Some Concepts of Distributive Justice in Bargaining Problems”
  3. F.A. LOOTSMA, J.M. SLUMS, S.Y. WANG, „Pairwise Comparison of Concessions in Negotiation Processes”
  4. Z. ŁUCKI, A. KOZARKIEWICZ, „Decision-Making Tools in Petroleum Exploration”
  5. J.-M. MARTEL, L.N. KISS, „COR-1: A Support to Consensus Reaching in Group Decision”
  6. D.B.G. MEISTER, N.M. FRASER, „An Architecture for a Prescriptive Negotiation Support System”
  7. J.W. MERCIK, „VOTE: Computer Evaluation of Voting Techniques and Candidates Chances”
  8. E. MICHALEWSKI, „Multilevel Polyhierarchical Model for Organizational Decision Support Implemented on IBM PC Type Package DIANA-9”
  9. R. NADEAU, B. URLI, L. KISS: PROMISE, „A DSS for Multiple Objectives Stochastic Linear Programming Problems”
  10. S.S. NAGEL, „Super-Optimum Mediation in Rule-Making Controversies”
  11. N.-T. NI, Q.-Y. WANG, „Uncertainty Analysis and its Mathematical Basic System”
  12. M. NURMI, A. SALOMAA, „Conducting Secret Ballot Elections in Computer Networks: Problems and Solutions”
  13. W. OGRYCZAK, „A Goal Programming Model of the Reference Point Method”
  14. J.W. OWSIŃSKI, „Preferences, Agreement. Consensus - Measuring. Aggregation and Control”
  15. P.K. PATTANAIK, J. STEFAŃSKI, „Flexible Threats in Bargaining”
  16. W. PEDRYCZ, „Logical Neural Networks in Problems of Concept Elicitation and Validation”
  17. J. PIK, „Natural Discrete-Event Process Forecasting: A Decision Support System”
  18. Y. QIU, J. WU, „A Time Sequences Nonlinear Model and Algorithms of Social Dilemma”
  19. X. QU, Y. LU, „Bargaining System for Allocation of Resources”
  20. W.H. RUCKLE, „Inspection in Arms Control”
  21. B. RUSTEM, „A Class of Interactive Methods tor Decision Making Under Conflicting Objectives”
  22. F. SEO, I. NISHIZAKI, „Conflict Resolution with Robustness in International Negotiations: A Game Theoretic Approach”
  23. S.M. SEYED-HOSSEINI, „A Generalized Model for Series Production Lines (SPL)”
  24. G.R. SOTIROV, E.B. KRASTEVA, „An Approach to Group Decision Making under Uncertainty with Application to Project Selection”
  25. B.I. SPECTOR, „Preference Adjustment and Opportunities for Agreement: Decision Analysis Applied to the UNCED Prenegotiation Process”
  26. N. STANOULOV, „Expert Knowledge and Computer-Aided Group Decision Making Through DSS: Some Pragmatical Reflections”
  27. E. SZCZERBICKI, „Connectionist Systems tor the Development of Autonomous Agents”
  28. S. SZPAKOWICZ, Z. KOPERCZAK, G.E. KERSTEN, „A Negotiation-Based Model of Co-Operative Decision-Making”
  29. Z. ŚWITALSKI, „Fuzzy Relations as a Tool for Non-Fuzzy Decision-Making”
  30. M.L. TENHUISEN, M.M. WIĘCEK, „A New Approach to Solving Multicriteria Nonconvex Optimization Problems”
  31. E.M. THIESSEN, D.P. LOUCKS, „Computer-Assisted Negotiation of Multiobjective Water Resources Conflicts”
  32. D. TOMIC, „Application of DSS in Inventory Management”
  33. K. TRANS, „Multi-Machine Consensus by Negotiation”
  34. R. VETSCHERA, „Generation of Alternatives in Group Decision Support”
  35. W.E. WALKER, „Organizational Decision Support Systems: Centralized Support for Decentralized Organizations”
  36. Q. WANG, Q. ZHUO, „Mathematical Model of Generalized Grey Linear Programming and its Solutions”
  37. Z. WANG, S. FENG, „Expert Systems Based Decision Support Systems”
  38. T. WITKOWSKI, „The Characteristic Function and Expert System Constructions Determining Probable Success in the Competition Tenders”
  39. J. XU, „The Method of Comparative Factor on Uncertain Multiple Attribute (Criteria) Decision Making”
  40. S.H. ZANAKIS, „Expert Opinion Elicitation & Aggregation: A DSS Software & Applications”
  41. L.L. ZHANG, D.Y. CHANG, „Extent Analysis and Synthetic Decision”
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