Kulikowski, Rudnicki (eds.), System analysis and computer science_proceedings_Conference Rozalin_1990

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The present volume contains most of the papers presented at the II Polish-Spanish Conference on System Analysis and Computer Science, which was organized by the Systems Research Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences and the University of Granada, and held in Rozalin, September 23-30, 1990.

The main topics of the conference:

  • mathematical methods and tools for modelling, system analysis, operations research, computer science,
  • artificial intelligence and knowledge based systems,
  • possibilistic and fuzzy analysis of evidence are also represented in the present volume in the form of separate papers.

The volume presents also the main directions of research in the field of system analysis and decision making in Poland and Spain. One can hope that the conference and the volume will contribute to the scientific cooperation between the two countries.




Roman KULIKOWSKI, Preface


  1. M. BERTOCCHI, L. SIEMIŃSKI, J. SOBCZYŃSKA, „Using Order Statistics For Discrete Optimization”
  2. M. DELGADO, J.L. VERDEGAY, M.A.VILA, „Linguistic Assessments in Decision Making Problems”
  3. M. DELGADO, J.L. VERDEGAY, M.A.VILA, „Optimization Models in Fuzzy-logic-based Decision Support Systems”
  4. M. DELGADO, J.L. VERDEGAY, M.A.VILA, „Some Structural and Optimization Problems on Fuzzy Graphs”
  5. M. FEDRIZZI, J. KACPRZYK, S. ZADROŻNY, „An Interactive Decision Support System for Consensus Reaching Based on a Fuzzy-majority-based Measure of Consensus”
  6. C. IWAŃSKI, J. KACPRZYK, „Fuzzy Logic With Linguistic Quantifiers In Inductive Learning”
  7. E. KOWALSKA, „A Controlling Software System for Nonlinear Identification Problem”
  8. M. KRAWCZAK, „Variational Perturbation Method for Solution of Zero-sum Nonlinear Differential Games”
  9. R. KULIKOWSKI, „Equilibrium and Disequilibrium in Negotiation of Public Joint Venture”
  10. M.T. LAMATA, S. MORAL, „Dependence Graphs: Upper and Lower Probabilities”
  11. M. LIBURA, „On Combinatorial Optimization Problems in Brachyradiotherapy Planning”
  12. J. MONTERO, „Another View to Arrow's Theorem”
  13. C. SIERRA, J. AGUSTI-CULLEL, „COLAPSES: Towards a Methodology and a Language for Knowledge Engineering”
  14. J. SIKORSKI, „Use of Surrogate Duality in Branch-and bound Procedures for the Multiconstraint 0-1 Knapsack Problem”
  15. K. SZKATUŁA, „Probabilistic Analysis of the Bounded Integer Knapsack Problem and Simple Heuristic Algorithms for Solving It”
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