Kulikowski, Stefański (eds.), Decision making models for management and manufacturing_1990

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The present volume contains most of the papers presented at a Polish-Chinese Symposium on Decision Making Models for Management and Manufacturing held at Nieborów, Poland, from September 5 to 10, 1989. The Symposium was organized by the Systems Research Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences, and gathered thirty-three researchers from China and Poland.

The book is divided into three parts which concern the following main topics of the Symposium:

  1. negotiation and group decision making,
  2. systems and control,
  3. manufacturing and planning.

Part I deals with theoretical and practical aspects of decision making in situations in which there are several decision makers, and their preferences do not coincide. Among the problems considered are: arbitration of a dispute over water reservoirs, negotiation support, supporting of enterprise management, the use of threats in bargaining, social dilemma, consensus reaching, aggregation of preferences.

Part II is devoted to questions of the control of systems. Two of the papers in this part concern differential games, the other deal with optimal and adaptive control, and with admissibility of decisions.

Part III tackles a variety of issues connected with robot control systems, flexible manufacturing, and project allocation.






  1. Ting CHEN, „An approach for arbitrating a dispute about large reservoir”
  2. Andrzej JAKUBOWSKI, Andrzej STRASZAK, „Some concepts on decision and negotiation supporting system for societal enterprise management”
  3. Jianzhong WU, Ziyu LU, Yingping ZHENG, „A time sequence model of social dilemma and application in social economic system”
  4. Jacek STEFAŃSKI, „Bargaining and complex threats”
  5. Lech KRUŚ, Piotr BRONISZ, „Decision support in negotiation on a joint development program”
  6. Janusz KACPRZYK, Sławomir ZADROŻNY, Mario Fedrizzi, „Linguistic preferences and fuzzy majority in a DSS for concensus reaching”
  7. Lidia KSIĘŻOPOLSKA, Dariusz WAGNER, „EXPERT - a computer system for support of expert judgment”
  8. Jan W. OWSIŃSKI, Sławomir ZADROŻNY, „The problem of clusterwise aggregation of preferences”
  1. Pie ZHENG, Guanguan LI, Ju HU, „A new approach to solving differential game problems”
  2. Wiesław KRAJEWSKI, „On a class of risk-sensitive decision problems”
  3. Han-Fu CHEN, Ji-Feng ZHANG, „Convergence analysis for adaptive control systems with unknown orders, delay, and coefficients”
  4. Ping CHENG, Qi-Guang WU, „Admissibility of simultaneous decisions”
  5. Andrzej STACHURSKI, Yoshiyuki SAKAWA, „On an algorithm for solving non-differentiable optimal control problems”
  6. Ke Kang XU, Kyeng Cheng HAN, „Polinominal matrix method in linear systems”
  1. De-Xing FENG, Bo CHEN, Zhong-Hai DING, „Control problem of flexible robot”
  2. Huashu QIN, Shurong LI, Qian SONG, „Robustness analysis for tracking in a robot control system”
  3. Maciej KRAWCZAK, „A method of manipulator decentralized suboptimal control”
  4. Xin-Gang CHENG, Ying-Ping ZHENG, „Steady-state analysis of production line with blocking”
  5. Leon SŁOMIŃSKI, „Parallel computing for flexible manufacturing systems”
  6. Shuhui DENG, Shetang YANG, „The model for project allocations in space and time”
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