Kulikowski, Szkatuła, Kacprzyk (eds.), Proceedings of 9th Polish-Italian_1994

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This volume constitutes the Proceedings of the 9th Polish-Italian Symposium and 5th Polish-Finnish Symposium on Systems Analysis and Decision Support in Economics and Technology that was held on October 25-29, 1993 in Radziejowice near Warsaw.

These symposia are part of a successfill long time collaboration between scholarly and research institutions in Poland, Italy and Finland. The idea of joint symposia was bom more than 25 years ago in the case of the Polish-Italian ones, and more than 15 years ago in the case of the Polish-Finnish ones. This idea had been received with great interest by the scientific communities in the countries involved, and since its inception had resulted in regular joint conferences. A very important role had been played in this respect by the Polish Academy of Sciences, the State Committee of Scientific Research of the Republic of Poland, the Academy of Finland, and the Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche of the Republic of Italy. All these institutions had actively and generously supported the idea of joint symposia since the very beginning.


Table of contents:

  1. F. ARCIERI, L. BARELLA, M. TALAMO, „An integrated approach to decision making in urban planning field”
  2. M. BERTOCCHI, E. CAVALLI, „Decision support methodologies in finance”
  3. H BURY, „Utility maximization and the model of family behavior”
  4. E. CAVALLI, „EXBIL: a financial statement analysis expert system”
  5. K. CICHOCKI, „From stabilization to growth: a discussion of the Polish and other experiences”
  6. W. CIECHANOWICZ, P. HOLNICKI, A. KAŁUSZKO, A. PARTYKA, Z. UHRYNOWSKI, A. ŻOCHOWSKI, „An overview of the computer system KARO for analysis of economy expansion from the point of view of energy and environment protection problems”
  7. M. FEDRIZZI, J. KACPRZYK, J. W. OWSIŃSKI, S. ZADROŻNY, „Group structure analysis for consensus reaching support”
  8. J. GADOMSKI, „Efficiency in the process of economic transformation”
  9. G. GAMBARELLI, J. HOŁUBIEC, „Power indces”
  10. G. GRYGIEL, P. STANIEWSKI, „The parallel version of an algorithm for identification of threshold models”
  11. J. HEME, „How dominance and compromise in the choice set affect individual preferences?”
  12. J. HERRERA, M. LOZANO, J.L. VERDE GAY, „Genetic algorithms applications to fuzzy logic based systems”
  13. O. HRYNIEWICZ, „Statistical decisions with imprecise data and requirements”
  14. J. KACPRZYK, „Interpolative reasoning in multistage optimal fuzzy control”
  15. O. KADŁUCZKA, K. WALA, „Approximate algorithms for generalized graph partitioning problem”
  16. K.C. KIWIEL, „On the efficiency of subgradient projection methods”
  17. W. KRAJEWSKI, A. LEPSCHY, U. VIARO, „Approximation of continuous-time linear systems using Markov parameters and energy indices”
  18. A. KRASŁAWSKI, L. NYSTROM, „Applications of fuzzy sets in process engineering”
  19. R. KULIKOWSKI, „Decision support systems in allocation of capital and labour resources”
  20. A. KURKI, „How fairness is represented in experimental resource dilemma games”
  21. M. LIBURA, „Optimality conditions and sensitivity analysis in combinatorial optimization”
  22. J.K. MANILA, „Modifier logic applied to the logic of possibility”
  23. E. MICHALEWSKI, „Algorithm for automatization of the first step of design of organization structure with the use of DIANA-9 package”
  24. E. NIEWIADOMSKA-SZYNKIEWICZ, K. MALINOWSKI, „FC-VS: a program for computer aided management of the multireservoir system”
  25. H. NURMI, „On cryptographic auctions”
  26. J.A. SIKORSKI, „A branch-and-bound solver for multiconstraint 0-1 knapsack problems”
  27. L. SŁOMIŃSKI, M. BERTOCCHI, A. BUTTI, „Discrete optimization by fixed precision estimation”
  28. A. STRASZAK, „Human and artificial intelligence synergy for the better management”
  29. G. SZKATUŁA, M. KRAWCZAK, „Inductive versus neural networks learning from examples”
  30. K. SZKATUŁA, „On the asymptotical growth of M-constraint random knapsacks”
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