Lewiński, Sigmund, Sokołowski, Żochowski (eds.), Optimal

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The development perspectives of shape and topology optimization are the main topics of this volume.

The shape optimization is in general aimed at finding minimum or maximum of an integral functional depending on a solution of partial differential equations defined on a variable domain, playing the role of the design parameter. The par­tial differential equations describe usually physical phenomena, for example the response of an elastic structure to a given loading.

The process of optimization may admit only smooth domain variations or also nonsmooth ones, allowing topology change. The latter is called topology optimiza­tion and seems to attract recently a lot of fresh interest, following, among others, the introduction of the notion of topological derivative.

On August 16, 2004, Warsaw played host to the International Congress of The­oretical and Applied Mechanics. The editors of this volume used this opportunity to invite, during the day preceding the Congress, several leading researchers in the area of shape and topology optimization for a short seminar organized by Systems Research Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences. The aim of the seminar was to facilitate the exchange of ideas in this more narrow field. Selected contributions form the contents of the present book.

The editors would like to acknowledge the organizational help of Warsaw School of Information Technology under the auspices of the Polish Academy of Sciences and the support of the government Grant no. 4T11A01524.

Tomasz Lewiński

Ole Sigmund

Jan Sokolowski

Antoni Zochowski




Topological derivative and finite topology variations in optimal design of structure,

Dariusz Bojczuk and Zenon Mróz


Topology optimization of two-component plates, shells and 3D bodies,

Sławomir Czarnecki, Grzegorz Dzierżanowski, Tomasz Lewiński


Density gradient based regularization of topology optimization problems,

Gregor Kotucha and Klaus Hackl


Topology optimization in wave-propagation and flow problems,

O. Sigmund, J.S. Jensen, A. Gersborg-Hansen, R. B. Haber


On topological derivative in shape optimization,

Jan Sokołowski and Antoni Zochowski


Incorporating topological derivatives into level set methods for structural topology optimization,

Xiaoming Wang, Yulin Mei, Michael Yu Wang

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