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This book is a collection of papers, prepared In connection with the 8th International Workshop on partial orders, their theoretical and applied development, which took place in Warsaw, at the Research Institute, in October 2008. The papers deal with software developments (PYHASSE and other existing software), theoretical problems of ranking and ordering under various assumed analytic and decision-making-oriented conditions, as well as experimental studies and down-to-earth pragmatic questions.

1. R. Brüggemann, G. Restrepo, K. Voigt: Towards a new and advanced partial order program: PyHasse

2. K. Voigt, R. Brüggemann, K.-W. Schramm, M. Kirchner: PyHasse – a new software tool for partially ordered sets: ranking soil against needles

3. S. Tsakovski, V. Simeonov: Hasse diagrams as exploratory tool in environmental data mining: a case study

4. P. Annoni, E. Garofalo, R. Brüggemann: Partial order theory for assessing the sensitivity of planktonic algae to anthropogenic disturbances in regulated lakes

5. M. Weckert, S. Gerstmann, H. Frank: Comparison of LCA results with those based on METEOR. Case study of refrigerants in mobile air-conditioning systems in passenger cars

6. P. Annoni, M. Fattore, R. Brüggemann: Analysing the structure of poverty by fuzzy partial orders

7. L. Carlsen: Partial order ranking methodologies in CSR driven innovation

8. K. De Loof, B. De Baets, H. De Meyer: Properties of mutual rank probabilities in partially ordered sets

9. M. Rademaker, B. De Baets, H. De Meyer: Information combination of multiple partial order relations

10. M. Chmielewski, I. Kaliszewski: An upper bound on the number of rankings satisfying order preferences

11. L. Klukowski: Estimation of the preference relation on the basis of medians from pairwaise comparisons

12. D. A. Viattchenin: Discriminating fuzzy preference relations based on heuristic possibilistic clustering

13. L. P. Schulz: Structural constraints in the optimization of parameter systems in time consuming large scale computations

14. L. Kruś: Some experiences with a group multicriteria method for project evaluation

15. J. W. Owsiński: Ranking and ordering: some practical issues with a bearing on methodological and technical requirements


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