Owsiński (ed.), A dynamic model of Polish economy in transition_1998

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The present book is the result of the Polish-Austrian research project carried out over the period of 1993-1996 by the team from the Polish Operational and Systems Research Society in cooperation with the group from the Institute for Design and Assessment of Technology/Social Cybernetics of the Vienna University of Technology, headed by Professor Peter Fleissner. The project was mainly financed by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Science and Research with a contribution from the Polish State Committee for Scientific Research.

The book contains the desciption of the model, along with its methodological justification, the results of the alternative runs produced for various scenarios representing different economic policy options, and the analysis of the results.


Table of contents:


From the Editor

Peter Fleissner, Preface

  1. Jan Gadomski, Jan W. Owsiński, Irena Woroniecka, „The Purpose and the Main Assumptions of the Model”
  2. Józef Chmiel, „Transformation of the Polish Economy in the Years 1990-1994”
  3. Andrzej Kałuszko, Jan W. Owsiński, Jan Gadomski, „Some Macroeconomic Problems of the Transition Period in Poland”
  4. Irena Woroniecka, „Experiences of Modelling Polish National Economy in the Transition Period”
  5. Jan Gadomski, Irena Woroniecka, „Methodology”
  6. Jan Gadomski, Irena Woroniecka, „Results”
  7. Jan W. Owsiński, Andrzej Kałuszko, The Demography”
  8. Jan Gadomski, Jan W. Owsiński, Irena Woroniecka, „Conclusions”
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