Owsiński (ed.), Modelling and analysing economies in transition II_1998

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This volume was published jointly by the Polish Operational and System Research Society and the Systems Research Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences together with The Interfaces Institute on behalf of MODEST.

Elaboration of the volume was made possible owing to the funding from the EU CompEcs Human Capital and Mobility project, carried out under the European contracts ERBCHRXCT930231 (for the years 1993-1995) and ERBCIPDCT940015 (for the years 1994-1996), and headed by Professor Lionello F. Punzo of the University of Siena.

Research results reported in the book and the international cooperation behind these results are also largely attributable to the activities of and funding within the above project.

The papers here contained have either been presented at the second annual meeting in September 1996 in Jabłonna or are the result of collaboration within the MODEST network, aiming at bringing adequate rationality and quality to the representation, analysis, as well as, potentially, design, for the transformation processes.

The generic, albeit not exclusive, paradigm that we refer to is the systemic one, involving a possibly holistic and multiaspect view of reality. The paradigm includes also the conviction that the rationality mentioned is closely related to the possibility and effectiveness of formal representation of the real structures and processes. This whole set of prerequisites was also the basis for the selection of papers to this volume. It was also the basis for the Editor's Comments to the volume's papers, given at the end of the volume.


Table of contents:


Jan W. Owsiński, Preface


Table of contents

  1. The survey

    Jan W. OWSINSKI, Zbigniew NAHORSKI, „Modelling and analysis of the economies in transition: the „MODEST”'s perspective


  3. The attitudes and the society

    Maurice I. YOLLES and Jindrich KALUZA, „Dramatic change in Central and Eastern Europe, and paradigm pluralism”

    Manfred J. HOLLER, Birgit LAYES, Ralf WINCKLER, „Unionized labour in transition”


  5. The infrastructure and the change

    Istvan ABEL, „Technological change as the driving force of transformation in banking in Hungary”

    Irina M. AKIMOVA, „Marketing management in Ukraine during privatisation”

    Andrzej L. STRASZAK, „The long term regional development in Poland under the impact of the new global management, infrastructure and technology”


  7. The economic models

    Jan GADOMSKI, „Sectors and factors in economic transformation of Poland”

    Olivier HUEBER, „The relevance of the 'bottom-up' methodology for the understanding of the high inflationary process in the formerly centrally planned economies”

    Gabriela FLORESCU, „On the sustainable national income in a transient economy”


  9. Editor's comments

    Jan W. OWSIŃSKI, „A biased view on transition”

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