Owsiński (ed.), MODEST 2004

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The present volume contains a set of papers, corresponding to the domain of interest of the MODEST group, some of them resulting from the MODEST work­shop held in Warsaw in September 2004. This set was divided into chapters, depend­ing upon the particular area of the papers qualified.


Table of Contents:

Foreword, Jan W. Owsiński


Chapter 1:      Finance and Banking

Jan Gadomski, An analysis of the dynamics of deposits and loans

Irena Woroniecka, Factors determining interest rate level in Poland Estimation results for 1993-2002

Qing He and Xiaoguang Yang, Understanding the duration of the exchange rate pegs


Chapter 2:      Trade, Openness and Hi-Tech

Anna B. Kisiel-Łowczyc, Poland’s competitiveness and Finnish-Polish economic relations

Jan W. Owsiński, Sławomir Zadrożny, Trade in hi-tech products

around the Baltic Rim - a business-as-usual or a progressive phenomenon?

Tiiu Paas, Egle Tafenau, A gravity model analysis of regional trade integration in the context of EU enlargement

Helena Lindskog, SOTIP - From an idea to a procurement model


Chapter 3:      European Union, Structures and Effectiveness

Maurice Yolles and Paul Ues, Two-speed Europe and international joint alliance theory

Jacek W. Mercik, Frantisek Turnovec, Marcin Mazurkiewicz, Does voting over national dimension provide more national influence in the European Parliament than voting over ideological dimension?

Krzysztof Cichocki, An equilibrium model for implementing regional development by Polish local governments with the aid of EU funds

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