Owsiński, Nahorski (eds.), Modelling and analysing economies in transition_1996

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The present volume is the result of the first workshop organized by the international research group MODEST. The workshop took place in September 1995 in Mądralin near Warsaw. The MODEST group (Modelling of Economies and Societies in Transition) is directed by Professor Zbigniew Nahorski and Dr. Jan W. Owsiński.

The group is affiliated with EURO, the European chapter of the International Federation of Operational Research Societies, IFORS, and the International Federation of Automatic Control, EFAC.


Table of contents:


From the Editors


  1. Macroeconomic models of transition economies

    W.J. MCKIBBIN, R. NECK, G. SCHAEFER, „Global Consequences of Economic Transition in Eastern and Central Europe: A Macroeconomic Simulation Analysis"

    G.W. MEINEN, A.E. STEENGE, M.H. VOOGT, J. JANTZEN, G.PESZKO, „Economic Transition, Environmental Costs and International Position: Modelling the Polish Case"

    P. FLEISSNER, J. GADOMSKI, I. WORONIECKA, „Dynamic Model of Polish Economy During the Transition Period"

    K. CICHOCKI, „A Model of Balancing the Goods and the Money Markets; Analysis of Polish Economy"


  3. The precepts of modelling the economic transition processes

    S. MOSS, O. KUZNETSOVA, „Modelling the Process of Market Emergence"

    T. GRIES, „A Dynamic Model of a Reconstruction Economy"

    CH. DEISSENBERG, P. AUGIER, J.-L. REIFFERS, „The Production Sector in the Transition: A Framework for Dynamic Analysis"


  5. Inflation processes and price setting

    D. QIN, A. H. VANAGS, „Inflation Process in Transition Economies: Empirical Comparison of Poland, Hungary and Czech Republic"

    O. HUEBER, „The Abnormally Persistent and High Inflation in Ukraine"

    M.J. HOLLER, X. LI, „Efficient Public Good Pricing - An Application of Cooperative Theory"


  7. The informational aspects of modelling

    D. WOOD, S. POSHAKWALE, B. DASGUPTA, „Investigating the Dynamics of the Polish WIG-20 Index"

    J.W. OWSIŃSKI, S. ZADROŻNY, „Standing of Polish Enterprises in the Light of Data Analysis"

    J. KISIELNICKI, „Transformation of the Information System During Transition from the Centralized Management to Market Economy"


  9. Local problems

    A. STRASZAK, „Integrative Systems Approach to Strategic Planning for the Regions in Poland"

    A.M. DADDESH, „The Demoeconomic Transition Process in Libya"

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