Owsiński, Nahorski (eds.), MODEST 2002

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The present volume is the result of the activity carried out within the international research group MODEST (MODelling of Economies and Societies in Transition). The volume was put elaborated in the preparation of the consecutive MODEST workshop, having taken place in Warsaw in September 2002.

The research group MODEST is affiliated with the EURO, the Association of European Operational Research Societies, the chapter of the International Federation of the Operational Research Societies, IFORS, and the International Federation of Automatic Control, IFAC.




The Editor, Preface


1. The society, education, politics, market, and management

Helena Lindskog, Staffan Brege, Time-rich and time-poor consumer behavior. The importance of time in market segmentation

Paul Iles and Maurice Yolles, Anglo-Czech alliances in management education - a viable systems approach

Mikhail Mikhalevich, Ludmilla Koshlai, Modelling of multibranch competition in the labour market for countries in transition

Honorata Sosnowska, A generalization of the Barbera-Jackson's model of self-stable majority rules


2. Action at a distance: trade, FDI, and competitiveness

Olivier Hueber, Christian Longhi, Foreign direct investments and economic transition in Central and Eastern Europe

Gabriela Florescu, Assessments of the foreign bank entry into the Romanian transient economy

Witold Jakóbik, Dynamics of Poland's economic competitiveness (1990-2000)

Jan W. Owsiński, Sławomir Zadrożny, Trade, Baltic Europe, and what is changing


3. Banking, finance, and money

Jan Gadomski, Dynamic modelling of the banking system

Shouyang Wang, Jing Zhang, The reform of foreign exchange system and the trend of RMB: testing PPP in China

Urmas Sepp, The currency board arrangement and alternative policy rules in Estonia

Shouyang Wang, Jing Zhang, The effect of B-share opening on the black market for US dollar in Shanghai, China

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