Piasecki, Owsiński, An introduction_Vol. I_2011

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This book contains the results of work done at the Systems Re-search Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw dur?ing the years 2002-2006, partly reported in the internal Research Reports of the Institute, Piasecki (2002-2004), nos. RB/74/2002, RB/19/2003 and RB/9/2004.

The study presented neglects the role of advertising, which is meant to shape in such a manner the psychological preferences of the customer as to make him/her buy a definite product, notwith standing common sense.

The notion of market competition is always associated with economic, or business, activity, consisting in satisfying the needs of the „market”, this notion referring to a definite group of consumers. In order to satisfy these needs, certain products or services are of-fered. As we analyse the process of market competition, we can easily note that the winner on the market is the one, who offers a more attractive product. This means that the product has higher utility than other products, satisfying the same need of the customer group considered.

In this here first volume of the study, considerations presented concern the optimum activity of an enterprise, allowing for its expansion, including the territorial one. A part of the conclusions for warded refer to the optimum development of the distribution networks. In the last chapter the fundamental strategies of defence of the market share, belonging to a company, against the competitors, are described. If the analysis of the situation implies that we are not capable of defending our share, then we have to start „liking” our competitor, that is - to enter into cooperation with such a company.

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