Piasecki, The international

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The main difference between the work here presented and the other studies related to the same, generally speaking, domain, consists in the fact that considerations contained in this book indicate the possibility of resolving questions concerning the choice of the subject and establishment of profitability of international trade and cooperation in conditions when:

  • prices on the internal market do not correspond to social costs,
  • there is lack of conviction as to correctness of exchange rates,
  • prices in international trade are subject to manipulations, resulting from definite interests of some countries, or they simply cannot follow the development of world production system.

As can easily be noticed these are Just the conditions in which currently the international trade and cooperation system is being shaped. These particular conditions result, for instance, from governmental subsidies oriented at individual commodities or groups of commodities (e.g. food products), from existing custom tax barriers and from an extremely quick pace of technological progress in the techniques of production.

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