Studzinski, Drelichowski, Hryniewicz (eds.), Applications

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The purpose of the present publication is to popularize applications of informatics in environment and health engineering and protection. Runned papers are thematically chosen from the works presented during the conference Multiaccessible Computer Systems (Komputerowe Systemy Wielodostępne) that has been organized by the Systems Research Institute and University of Technology and Agriculture of Bydgoszcz for several years in Ciechocinek. Problems described in the papers concern quality management of the surface waters and the atmosphere, application of the mathematical modelling in environmental engineering, and development of computer systems in health and environmental protection. In several papers results of the research projects financed by the Polish Ministry of Science and Information Society Technologies are presented.



Chapter 1: Water and Air Quality Management


Bernhard LUTHER, Albrecht GNAUCK, Options for Eutrophication Management of Shallow Water Bodies"

Bernhard LUTHER, Albrecht GNAUCK, Missing data in water quality time series"

Piotr HOLNICKI, Application of continuous optimization methods to emission abatement problem"

Piotr HOLNICKI, Andrzej KAŁUSZKO, Minimizing costs of emission reduction - a dynamic program approach"

Jan GADOMSKI, Zbigniew NAHORSKI, Impact of charging for pollutant emission on technological change


Chapter 2: Mathematical Modeling in Environment Engineering


Joanna MIKLEWSKA, Bio-economics models transition towards sustainability on the rural areas"

Paweł BARTOSZCZUK, The model of simple economy with emission constraint"

Paweł LICZNAR, Identification of monthly precipitation patterns in Poland by means of self-organizing feature maps

Antoni MIKLEWSKI, The integration of knowledge and decisions to analyze, simulate and assess spatial land use dynamics in regional scale”


Chapter 3: Informatics and Economy in Environment and Health Protection


Ludosław DRELICHOWSKI, Creating knowledge bases and methods of automatic data analysis as the basis for regional strategy in environmental protection”

Kristina VOIGT, Paweł BRUEGGMANN, Stefan PUDENZ, Application of computer aided decision tools concerning environmental pollution with pharmaceuticals”

Pierre GILLOIS, Gilles CHATELLIER, Marie Christine JAULENT, Patrice DEGOULET, From paper based to electronic guideline: an internet based decision support system in medical practice”

Lucyna BOGDAN, Danuta KARCZMARSKA, Jan STUDZIŃSKI, Computerization of waterworks in Poland - current state and perspectives”

Małgorzata ZAJDEL, Analysis of activity of the provincial fund for environmental protection and water management in Torun over 2000-2004 in the Kujawy and Pomorze province” 

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