Studzinski, Hryniewicz (eds.), Development

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The purpose of this publication is to popularize application of informatics in process modeling and management and in environmental engineering.

The papers published are thematically selected from the works presented during the conference 'Multi-accessible Computer Systems' organized by the Systems Research Institute and the University of Technology and Agriculture in Bydgoszcz for several years already in Ciechocinek.

Problems presented in the papers concern: development of quality and quantity methods supporting the process management, development of quantity methods for process modeling and simulation, development of technologies of informatics for solving problems of environmental engineering. In several papers results of research projects supported by the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education are presented.


Chapter 1:

Process management and management tools

Jacek UNOLD, Need for a policy and strategy for information in a modern

Jadwiga BIZON-GORECKA, Management by the risk as the present conception of the management of the enterprise

Rafał BONIECKI, The use of Java 2 enterprise edition technology in the development of the enterprise resource planning and the custom-relationship management

Helena DUDYCZ, Miroslaw DYCZKOWSKI, Selected problems of the assessment of economic effectiveness of it Project

Joanna MIKLEWSKA, Integrated urban and peri-urban modeling the Stuttgart case study


Chapter 2:

Tools of mathematical modeling; neuronal nets

Maciej KRAWCZAK, Antoni MIKLEWSKI, Public debt modelling: application of the model predictive control

Antoni MIKLEWSKI, Debt sustainability modelling case studies from euro-area countries


Chapter 3:

Tools of informatics in environmental engineering

Kristina VOIGT, Rainer BRIIGGEMANN, Method of valuation by order theory applied on the environmental topic of data-availability of pharmaceutically active substances

Rainer BRIIGGEMANN, Kristina VOIGT, Evaluation of the pollution state in Baden-Wuerttemberg by a local analysis

Antoni MIKLEWSKI, Unsustainable Land Use in the Baltic Sea Drainage Basin From common knowledge to common projects and responses

Jan Gadomski, Zbigniew Nahorski, Can greenhouse gas emission permits scheme induce technological change?

Jan STUDZIŃSKI, Development of complex computer system supporting management of communal water supply and wastewater networks”

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