Studzinski, Hryniewicz (eds.), Modelling

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This book presents the papers that describe the most interesting results of the research that have been obtained during the last few years in the area of environmental engineering and environment protection at the Systems Research Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw and the Leibniz-Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries in Berlin (IGB). The papers were presented during the First Joint Workshop organized at the IGB in February 2006. They deal with mathematical modeling, development and application of computer aided decision making systems in the areas of the environmental engineering concerning groundwater and soil, rivers and lakes, water management and regional pollution.




Chaper 1: Groundwater / Soil


G. NÜTZMANN, E. HOLZBECHER, B. WIESE, „Inverse modelling tool visual CXTFIT for one-dimensional transport, sorption and degradation processes during bank filtration”

Z. NAHORSKI, J. LOMOTOWSKI, „Assessing dynamics of infiltration of river water to well via empirical model”


Chapter 2: Rivers / Lakes


A. SUKHODOLOV, T. SUKHODOLOVA, H. BUNGARTZ, „Turbulence in natural streams"

W. SAUER, A. KRÜGER, Ch. ENGELHARDT, „Artificial vs. natural flooding regime of a polder in the Lower Odra Valley: sediments and loads"

T. STRUBE, R. BRÜGGEMANN, Lake Miiggelsee: What happened in the past and what will be in the future - a challenge in modeling an ecosystem"


Chapter 3: Water management and Decision support


J. STUDZIŃSKI, Decisions making systems for communal water networks and wastewater treatment plants Drinking water, waste water"

R. BRÜGGEMANN, U. SIMON, G. NÜTZMANN, Analyzing Water Management Strategies in Urban Regions by Directed Graphs”

J.W. OWSIŃSKI, A. ZIÓŁKOWSKI, H. BURYDecision analysis oriented applications 12.05 in the TRANSCAT DSS for transboundary catchment management support"


Chapter 4: Water management and Decision support


P. HOLNICKI, „Application of pollution dispersion models in air quality management”

L. BOGDAN, Development of Kriging algorithms for approximating environmental measurements data”

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