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This book presents the papers that describe the most interesting results of the research that have been obtained during the last few years in the area of applications of informatics in environmental engineering and environment protection at the Systems Research Institute of Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw (IBS PAN) and at the German Institute for Landscape System Analysis in Miincheberg (ZALF). The papers were presented in the form of extended summaries during a special workshop organized by IBS PAN in Szczecin in September 2006 together with the conference BOS'2006 dedicated to the applications of systems research in science, technology and economy and organized jointly by IBS PAN, University of Szczecin, and the Polish Society of Operational and Systems Research. They deal with mathematical modeling, approximation and visualization of environmental variables and with development of computer aided decision making systems in the area of environmental informatics.




Chapter 1: Specialized Software


Ralf WIELAND, Wilfried MIRSCHEL, Karl-Otto WENKEL, „Spatial Analysis and Modeling Tool v 2.0 - system design”

Wilfried MIRSCHEL, Ralf WIELAND, Karl-Otto WENKEL, „Spatial Analysis and Modeling Tool V2.0 - applications to the landscape indicators crop yield and crop coverage”

Joachim KIESEL, Gerd LUTZE, „Methods of up-scaling and down-scaling in spatial context”

Bettina WILKENING, Marion VOß, Ralf WIELAND, „Habitat modelling with SAMT - a Decision Support System Implemented in Landscape Planning”

Lucyna BOGDAN, Jan STUDZIŃSKI, „Kriging approximation: algorithms, program and calculation results”


Chapter 2: Mathematical Modeling


Piotr HOLNICKI, „Integrated air quality models - assessment of environmental impact of emission sources”

Abdalla M. DAJDDESH, Zbigniew NAHORSKI, „Simplified modelling of water tables in the Libyan Desert aquifers under production pumping”


Chapter 3: Environmental Economy


Jan GADOMSKI, Zbigniew NAHORSKI, „Kyoto protocol induced long term technological change”

Paweł BARTOSZCZUK, „Sustainable consumption with emission abatement”

Krzysztof CICHOCKI, „Financial and economic analysis of environmental projects for application of EU funds”

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