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viaro essays 2010

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The author of this book had the privilege of collaborating for over a quarter of a century with Antonio Lepschy (1931-2005), a recognized leader of the Italian control community. Antonio Lepschy had a liking for the brief paper format, so that many results obtained by his research team were published in this way. The present compilation tells a few of these short stories, duly updated, trying to preserve their original flavor.

Umberto Viaro has been professor of System and Control Theory at the University of Udine, Italy, since 1994. His 25-year-long collaboration with Antonio Lepschy resulted in more than 100 joint papers and two books. An essential role in this research activity was played by Wiesław Krajewski of the Systems Research Institute, Polish Academy of Sciences. The current research interests of Umberto Viaro concern optimal model reduction, robust control, switching and LPV control. He is the author or coauthor of 4 books and about 180 research papers.


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