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The assessment of greenhouse gases emitted into and removed from the atmosphere is high on the political and scientific agendas. The accounting of human-induced greenhouse gas emissions and removals at national scales has been stipulated by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, which has led the way to the Kyoto Protocol.

Since then, many countries have repeatedly generated national inventories. However, in parallel, a host of crucial questions arose that are directly or indirectly linked to uncertainty. For instance, how valid are these inventories when we consider them within wider system boundaries (partial versus full greenhouse gas accounting; bottom-up versus top-down emission estimates)? Do we characterise inventories uniformly in terms of 'uncertainty' (observations versus soft knowledge versus model results, etc)? How large is the uncertainty that underlies emission changes? How will uncertainty affect the trading of emissions?

The GHGUncert Workshop will provide a multidisciplinary forum to intensively discuss these and related questions. It aims at covering state-of-the-art research and development in accounting, verification and trading at greenhouse gases. It is of specific interest to policymakers, scientists and other experts.

    National GHG emission inventories
    Bottom-up versus top-down emission analyses
    Signal analyses and modeling
    Verification and compliance
    Emission trading

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